• EPA Regulations: Leading America to an Uncertain Energy Future, says National Mining Association

EPA Regulations: Leading America to an Uncertain Energy Future, says National Mining Association

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed sweeping regulations that would require states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity sector by an average of 30 percent nationally. This costly plan is another step in the administration’s policies designed to eliminate low cost and reliable electricity and replace it with more expensive and less reliable sources.

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“The rule is a stunning attempt to remake the nation’s entire electric grid at great cost to households and businesses across the US. Our manufacturing base will become less competitive because of higher electricity prices. The impact of this regulation will be felt by families as they will spend more to heat and cool their homes. Those on fixed incomes and seniors will be forced to pay a disproportionately higher share of their monthly budget on utilities,” said Hal Quinn, president and CEO, National Mining Association.”

The impact of this regulation will be felt by all Americans.

Families on Fixed Incomes and Elderly Americans Will Pay the Price – Low- income families and households are vulnerable to higher and more volatile energy costs. More than half of American households devote over 20 percent of their family budget to energy costs – more than double that of ten years ago. Policies that hike the price of electricity will break those already on tight budgets. Seniors should not have to choose between buying groceries or heating or cooling their homes.

Communities Will Lose Jobs – A recent EPA rule known as MATS has already resulted in the announced closure of 77 coal-based power plants. These plants can generate enough power for 15 million homes. Experts project a total of 209 coal-based power plants will permanently close due to this rule. Economy-wide, the rule is forecast to result in 835,000 jobs lost by 2020. Communities will lose jobs and significant tax revenue needed to support local government services, schools and hospitals.

Businesses and Manufacturing Will Face Higher Energy Costs – US manufacturing uses about one third of energy produced in the United States. Manufacturers rely on secure and affordable energy to compete in a tough global market. These EPA regulations threaten manufacturers’ global competiveness on millions of manufacturing facilities, farms, energy providers and other stationary sources, impacting every aspect of our economy.

As a nation, we can’t afford a future where our families, businesses and communities are put at risk by ever-increasing electricity bills. Why should a household or state be punished because the EPA is determined to remove affordable, abundant and reliable American coal from our energy mix?

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The National Mining Association (NMA) is the voice of the American mining industry in Washington, D.C. Membership includes more than 325 corporations involved in all aspects of coal and solid minerals production including coal, metal and industrial mineral producers, mineral processors, equipment manufacturers, state mining associations, bulk transporters, engineering firms, consultants, financial institutions and other companies that supply goods and services to the mining industry