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    Why Join the National Mining Association?

    When your business or organization joins the National Mining Association (NMA), we will help you navigate the complex political, regulatory and industry scene by engaging in and influencing the public process on the most significant and timely issues that impact mining today.

    Our work, resources and relentless engagement with the right people ensure that the mining industry can safely and sustainably locate, permit, mine, transport and utilize the nation’s vast resources. Together, as the united voice for mining, it’s our mission to ensure that all aspects of the U.S. mining industry thrive.

  • Amplify Your Voice

    Regardless of which political party is in the majority or in the White House, our team of experienced, connected advocates has you covered.

    As an individual producer, developer, equipment supplier or service provider, your voice only goes so far in Washington. Decisions that affect your bottom line, the future of your company and your ability to mine domestic coal and mineral resources could be made without considering your interests or input. NMA will listen to your concerns, needs and perspective, then aggressively represent them – before Congress, the administration, federal agencies, the judiciary and the media – and work to bring each item to successful conclusion.

  • Access Insights and Resources

    NMA is always on top of what’s happening at the intersection of mining and government.

    From breaking news and statistical reporting to polling and focus groups, we are constantly collecting and shaping this information to help influence public and decisionmaker perceptions. We transform these insights into tangible items, including fact sheets, reports, social media graphics, toolkits and videos, that further educate target audiences on a range of industry issues. As a member, you will receive our exclusive weekly newsletter and have access to our Member Portal – providing your organization with behind-the-scenes information to guide business decisions and help you stay ahead of the curve.

  • Connect with Industry Leaders

    NMA’s committees and networking opportunities will give you the chance to meet with decisionmakers, exchange ideas and experiences, learn from others’ challenges and open doors to new ventures and solutions.

    We have over 250 corporate and organization members who are involved in all aspects of mining – from individual producers and developers, to equipment suppliers and service providers. It takes all of us working together, and supporting each other, to help secure the future of U.S. mining. We can’t do it alone. Unlike other associations, NMA has the necessary leverage and experience to accomplish our shared industry agenda. We speak up and advocate for coal, minerals, safety and all things U.S. mining.

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  • Receive Industry-Aligned Messaging Assistance

    NMA will ensure you have all the messaging, preparation and assistance you need to address any situation.

    Whether you’re giving a presentation, speaking to the media or discussing issues within the industry, it is critical to be accurate and help move the perception of mining closer to reality. Our team of experts will help you craft responses that are consistent, clear and effective, while highlighting strengths of the U.S. mining industry and the benefits it brings to our economy.

  • Gain Support for Mining’s Key Issues

    Count on Coal, Minerals Make Life, and CORESafety are just a few of the initiatives NMA manages that educate key audiences about and grow support for critical issues involving the U.S. mining industry.

    Count on Coal covers the benefits of affordable, reliable coal-generated electricity and the importance of metallurgical coal for domestic steel production and export. It also recruits Americans to help support our mission of keeping electricity affordable by maintaining a balanced electricity mix with fuel-secure coal power as its foundation.

    Minerals Make Life shares information about domestic minerals mining and its importance to innovation, national security and the economy. It educates policymakers, influencers and the public, and enables them to make informed decisions about U.S. mining.

    CORESafety® aims to achieve the goal of zero injuries and fatalities via an industry-wide partnership. It’s an approach to mining safety and health to prevent accidents before they happen using a management framework that involves leadership, management and assurance.

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