NMA Climate Change Position

The National Mining Association (NMA) represents a diverse range of minerals, materials, equipment manufacturers and business activities in the mining industry. The association supports the responsible production of our abundant domestic coal and mineral resources, recognizing the important benefits these commodities provide. In 2020, the NMA established a CEO-led Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Task Force to examine a wide range of ESG issues and policy positions, including climate, and to promote innovative solutions that enhance ESG performance amongst member companies.

In 2021, the United States announced its re-commitment to the Paris Agreement. The NMA recognizes that mining is an energy intensive industry and global action is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate the adverse effects of human impacts on climate change. The mining industry continues to proactively undertake efforts to protect the environment, including measuring and reducing its carbon footprint through continual investment in and implementation of technology solutions, energy conservation and efficiency programs.

Mining plays a critical role in providing responsibly produced raw materials that make modern life possible and fuel America’s economic growth. These products are vital to society, including its transition to a low-carbon future. Minerals, metals, and metallurgical coal for steel are irreplaceable components of renewable energy, electrification, green and resilient infrastructure and the energy storage integral for meeting global emission reductions. Coal continues to provide a significant portion of reliable and affordable baseload energy in the U.S. and across the globe, ensuring energy access and security in support of global sustainable and economic development goals.

The NMA is committed to advancing solutions and reasonable policies, along with other industries across all sectors of the economy, to reduce emissions consistent with the best available science. The NMA is committed to working with elected officials, policymakers and other key stakeholders in the development of domestic and international policy to address the global climate challenge.

Actions to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions should support the continuing responsible production of the mined commodities necessary to build green and resilient infrastructure, maintain the affordability and reliability of U.S. electricity generation, and secure our economic recovery. Climate policy should address changing economic conditions and geography with sufficient time, consistency and clarity needed for consumers and industry to adapt and make the necessary investments, including commercialization and wide-scale deployment of low emissions technology, to maintain international competitiveness.

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