National Mining Association Urges President to Change Course, Foster Job Growth

National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn released the following statement today urging President Obama to recognize that the state of the union urgently requires priorities and policies that are conducive to economic growth and security:

“We urge the president to turn to the priorities he has so far neglected, priorities that enjoy bipartisan support and are broadly shared by the American people. These include the creation of good jobs capable of supporting families, energy and mineral policies that help grow America’s manufacturing economy.

“American businesses and their workforce confront a conveyor belt of regulation after regulation demonstrating a troubling indifference to costs that destroy investment and high-wage jobs in return for little if any benefit.

“The results today are predictable. Despite the president’s second-term goal to create one million manufacturing jobs, there is contraction in manufacturing, massive job losses in mining, forecasts of rising electricity prices, and growing reliance on imports of minerals and metals.

“More balance and less regulatory overreach would instill much needed confidence that our government wants to help American business and workers succeed.”