NMA Welcomes Executive Order on WOTUS

WASHINGTON, D.C. – National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn issued this statement following President Trump’s signature of an executive order beginning the process of unwinding the Obama administration’s controversial Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule. The WOTUS rule expands federal Clean Water Act jurisdiction beyond the limits imposed by Congress and the Supreme Court, and exposes energy and mineral development to additional permitting delays, threatening economic development and putting high-wage jobs at risk:

“It is encouraging to see the administration prioritize actions that balance the importance of environmental protections with both states’ authority and the regulatory certainty that is required to support a thriving economy.

“Rather than provide meaningful clarity concerning the jurisdiction of our nation’s waterways, the WOTUS rule follows a regulatory playbook that became all too familiar over the last eight years: unchecked federal authority that results in unnecessary hurdles for U.S. businesses. Ignoring the careful balance that Congress struck between federal and state water regulation, the WOTUS rule expands the federal government’s reach to virtually any standing body of water — from roadside drainage ditches to farm ponds to local green infrastructure.

“We look forward to working with the Trump administration to support a process that produces clarity and respects the boundaries between state and federal responsibilities.”