Kinross Gold: A Shining Example of Caring for Our Neighbors

Mining and its employees are at the center of communities all across America, and the mining industry is committed to being good neighbors wherever operations are located. That means our mining companies are dedicated to upholding environmental standards while providing the critical resources that fuel the economy, foster innovation, build infrastructure, promote job creation and secure the nation’s energy future.

Part of being a good neighbor isn’t just reclaiming in the land, but giving back to the community during the process. Kinross Gold is a shining example of being a good neighbor.

Its Bald Mountain operations recently donated $30,000 to help enhance the 911 emergency services in Elko, the mine’s neighboring community, located in a remote area of Nevada. The current system lacks GPS technology, which means that if someone needs assistance, especially on a rural road where emergency crews don’t know the exact location, it would be very difficult to quickly find those in need of assistance.

“Our donation is an example of our core value, Putting People First, in action” said Randy Burggraff, vice president and general manager of Bald Mountain. “We are proud to be able to make a contribution to help upgrade 911 services in Elko. You never know when an emergency will happen and we want to help make sure that this vital service is available for everyone, regardless of their location.”

In addition, Kinross’s Round Mountain donated $35,200 to support public health care access in the remote Nye County. The money will go towards helping the public health nurse provide full-time services in the remote region. Due to public funding shortages, the office hours had been significantly cut and the community was facing the loss of many services like immunizations, medical treatments and wellness checks. The critical donation makes it possible for the public health nurse to provide services to the community in 2017.

“We are happy to be contributing to such an important cause in our community. Our county doesn’t have other options for public health care and the prospect of it closing would have impacted many families in the area. The donation goes a long way to help keep the service up and running for this year,” said Ranay Guifarro, head of corporate responsibility at Round Mountain said. “It’s a small part that we can play in the community and we are proud to do it.”