NMA Applauds Energy Department’s Assessment of the Electric Grid’s Resilience

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Mining Association’s (NMA) president and CEO Hal Quinn comments on today’s release of the Department of Energy’s “Staff Report on Electricity Markets and Reliability” that assesses the resilience of the nation’s electric grid:

“The National Mining Association applauds the department for its timely analysis of the nation’s power grid and the recommendations it proposes for ensuring its continued strength through a combination of energy sources. We commend Secretary Perry for his leadership in beginning this important but long overdue conversation about the future reliability and resilience of our electric power system.

“Among other findings, the report notes that ‘regulations and mandates’, in addition to market forces, have accelerated the closure of a substantial number of baseload power plants. More than 68,000 Megawatts of coal-based power have been retired as of this summer.

“As the report notes, many states and regions bear an increased risk from the destruction of traditional base load power and the resulting diminution of grid resilience. States facing the greatest risk are heavily industrialized states in the Midwest. Unless adjustments are made, the report warns that potential harm to the grid may impact its resilience in the face of disruptive events.”