Hecla Mining Company: Supplying the U.S. Infrastructure Revitalization Push

Minerals are the fundamental building blocks of our nation’s infrastructure. Silver, molybdenum, copper, iron, and zinc – just to name a few – form the foundation of our roads, bridges, railroads, buildings and many other elements of the U.S. infrastructure.

This is of particular importance considering the president recently unveiled an Executive Order to invest in and improve the nation’s infrastructure. In addition, recent polling found that an overwhelming majority of voters – 86 percent – are concerned about the state of American infrastructure, which was given a D+ grade by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Over the past two years, Hecla Mining Company has made a calculated move  purchasing two Montana mines prized for their silver and copper deposits. Hecla recognizes that these minerals are vital to rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure and developing renewable energy. The company hopes to supply the domestic silver and copper to make this revitalization possible.

When the company’s two mines come online, they will produce silver and copper necessary to manufacture wind turbines, solar panels, next generation automotives, phone lines, power cables and water filtration systems.