Coeur Mining: Integrating Veterans in the Workforce

Veterans are a sought-after group in the workforce, bringing valuable skills and experience from their military service. Coeur Mining recognizes the sacrifices that our veterans have made and works to provide them an opportunity to continue their career in a company that cares about each and every employee.

Through the integration of a new program called Coeur Heroes, the company looks to measurably improve the lives of our nation’s veterans by welcoming them to a community of more than 2,000 employees.

Coeur Heroes is a recruitment and mentoring program designed to highlight and engage military members through on-the-job experience. Coeur Heroes allows past and present service members to use the special skills they developed during their years of service to help make a difference at the company’s operations.

“As a veteran, I am proud and honored to be a part of the Coeur Heroes program, says Jorge Rodriguez, Director of HR at Coeur and retired United States Navy Lieutenant Commander. “Coeur Heroes helps to highlight the abundant and underutilized talents that veterans can bring to Coeur. I appreciate the opportunity to recruit fellow veterans and assist them as they transition into their ‘second career.’”

Coeur’s U.S. operations are working with their local military recruitment offices, National Guard units and military bases to become an employer of choice for military veterans who are transitioning from active duty to the civilian workforce. The Coeur Heroes program also recognizes current Coeur employees who served; these employees become mentors and resources for the veterans who join Coeur.

Coeur Mining believes that the skills and hardworking nature of military members make them a perfect fit for the mining industry, and Coeur’s culture, in particular.