Western Fuels Association: Powering the Grid Through the Coal Supply Chain

The U.S. electric grid that makes modern life possible is undergoing a rapid transformation. States like Wyoming depend on coal to power, cool and heat local business, homes, schools and hospitals.

Thanks to Western Fuels Association’s Dry Fork Mine, coal is delivered to in-state power plants, which, in turn, provide reliable, low-cost electricity to Campbell County and northeast Wyoming.

Western Fuels Association, founded in 1973, is a not-for profit cooperative that supplies coal and transportation services to consumer-owned electric utilities throughout the Great Plains, Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions.

For over four decades Western Fuels has provided its members with extensive expertise in coal mining, coal procurement and transportation management.

To date, Western Fuels is responsible for the delivery of more than 575 million tons of coal on behalf of its members. Western Fuels also owns and operates the Dry Fork Mine in the Powder River Basin and owns and manages over 2,500 rail cars to service that membership.

The Dry Fork Mine produces approximately six million tons of coal annually. Customers include Basin Electric’s Laramie River Station in Wheatland, Wyo., and the Dry Fork Station located adjacent to Dry Fork Mine.