• Senate Energy Package Recognizes American Mining is Essential to All Aspects of American Energy

Senate Energy Package Recognizes American Mining is Essential to All Aspects of American Energy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Mining Association (NMA) applauded the Senate’s “American Energy Innovation Act,” introduced today, which includes important steps to address the nation’s alarming mineral import reliance and to increase the nation’s development and deployment of essential carbon capture technologies.

“Mining has never been more important to all of our energy needs,” said Rich Nolan, NMA President and CEO. “From the fuels that provide the foundation for the nation’s electricity grid, to the materials essential to future technologies and transportation systems, mining is the often overlooked but essential and irreplaceable part of our energy story.”

Minerals Security

The package includes reforms long-championed by Sen. Lisa Murkowski that would modernize federal permitting systems to improve access to minerals critical for energy and technological innovation.

“The World Bank projects that demand for the key minerals needed for future technologies could jump 1,000 percent in the coming years. Without action, as demand increases permitting hurdles will continue to obstruct our domestic supply, causing alarming overreliance on foreign imports for the minerals we need and weakening the competitiveness of critical industries,” said Mr. Nolan. “This legislation will better-position the U.S. to achieve lasting minerals security while securing the essential supply chains of tomorrow from within our own borders.”

Carbon Capture

Also included are important measures to make the U.S. the world leader in the development and deployment of carbon capture technologies.

“The answer to our own energy and emissions challenges – as well as the world’s – is innovation, and it’s encouraging to see next generation coal technology and carbon capture made a priority,” said Mr. Nolan. “Additions of alternative energy sources are coming largely on top of existing energy demand, not in place of it, with coal meeting 38 percent of global electricity demand. Commonsense policy can help support a solution to the emissions challenge both at home and abroad, allowing us to utilize the incredible ingenuity and capacity of the nation’s coal workforce and capture a market for advanced energy technology that is only growing.”

In polling conducted last month for NMA, Morning Consult found 63 percent of voters believe the U.S. should take an energy and environmental leadership role by pursuing the development and deployment of advanced coal and carbon capture technologies that can reduce emissions in the U.S. and overseas (only 11 percent disagree, remainder did not answer).


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