McLanahan Corporation: Reusable Water in Mining

Water is essential to mining operations, and it’s imperative that water usage be as sustainable as possible. Mining uses water in mineral processing, dust suppression and slurry transport, among other needs. Removing suspended solids from water is generally considered one of the minimum requirements for recycling process water.

McLanahan provides thickeners, clarifiers, and filter presses for just such cases. In situations where maintaining ponds is not an option, whether due to space, expense or regulation, these types of equipment can help minimize environmental impact and create reusable process water. By separating the liquids from the solids, the volume of material diverted to tailings storage facilities decreases. In addition, minimizing the demand for freshwater creates a more sustainable water situation, particularly in places where water is already scarce. Reducing the amount of water associated with tailings not only lessens environmental impact, but can also lead to a more stable tailings storage.