Gold Plating in Defense

The Pogo gold deposit in Alaska has developed over millions of years, but the mine there today is owned and operated by Northern Star Resources Limited. It became sole owner in 2018, and gold ore is currently mined at a rate of around 3,300 short tons per day. Processing occurs in Pogo as well, with current stable operation established at 1.0 million tonnes per annum. But where will this gold be used?

It turns out national defense requires gold among the many essential minerals and metals that support our troops. Gold is used in computers and ground defense systems. In fact, electroplating with metals like gold protects ground defense systems from surface damage and wear, improves conductivity for electronics and promotes adhesion of further coatings. This creates equipment our troops can rely on. Gold is used specifically for its ductility, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Having a reliable source of gold is critical to supplying military equipment, and gold is mined right here in the U.S.