The Future for Copper

Florence Copper is working to be the “greenest copper mine in the world,” and it is hoping to start construction of commercial facilities this year. The project will be a large-scale commercial copper mining facility in Arizona. But Florence Copper isn’t waiting for final permits to consider the mine’s environmental impact. Its 2021 sustainability report assures that the “production test facility has proven the process is environmentally sound.”

Florence Copper will be an in-situ copper mine and is poised to use seventy percent less water and ninety percent less energy than conventional open-pit copper mining, while generating eighty percent less greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, it will have one of the smallest environmental footprints of any copper production facility in the world. And copper is an input for low emissions technologies, such as electric vehicles and advanced energy technologies. Our demand for copper is soaring, and Florence Copper is ready to help meet that demand.