• Americans Want American-Sourced Materials for Infrastructure, Made-In-America Agendas

Americans Want American-Sourced Materials for Infrastructure, Made-In-America Agendas

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As policymakers hammer out the details of a final infrastructure deal, new polling released by the National Mining Association (NMA) finds that 84 percent of Americans feel it is important that the raw materials required for our nation’s bridges, roads, water and energy systems are sourced domestically.

“The projects that will be funded under this bipartisan plan – in whatever shape it ultimately takes – will inevitably require massive amounts of materials like copper, steel, lithium, antimony and tellurium to become a reality,” said Rich Nolan, NMA president and CEO. “It’s important for policymakers to understand that nearly nine in 10 Americans feel it is important for these materials to come from the U.S. and take action to facilitate timely access to our domestic resources. We have many of these materials in abundance here at home, and we should take the opportunity to create high-paying, stable jobs; secure our domestic supply chains and ensure these materials are sourced in accordance with the highest environmental standards in the world.”

Specific actions that Congress can take include support for minerals permitting efficiencies to secure new domestic production and reshore core capabilities within American domestic mineral supply chains. Funding is also needed for increased domestic mapping of mineral resources; for critical mineral research; and financing for the production, processing and recycling of minerals.

The poll of 1,999 Americans was conducted August 16-20, 2021, by Morning Consult for the NMA and carries a margin of error of +/-2 percent.

The poll also found that the same number of Americans, 84 percent, believe any “Made in America” agenda aimed at rebuilding the nation’s manufacturing sector and bringing critical industries and jobs home from overseas should also use materials sourced from the U.S.

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