Better Batteries for Tomorrow’s Roads

As our transportation sector includes a greater number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads, it’s important that we secure our supply chains to ensure we have the materials needed to make them. Nickel is a key component of EV batteries, and for good reason. Nickel in lithium-ion batteries gives a higher energy density and more storage capacity, meaning more miles on a single charge. This has led to a huge increase in nickel demand.

Fortunately, Eagle Mine is working to provide a secure, domestic source of nickel for developers of newer, better EVs. Eagle Mine is an underground, high-grade nickel (and copper, another critical input into EVs) mine located in Michigan. It’s expected to produce 440 million pounds of nickel, as well as 429 million pounds of copper and trace amounts of other minerals over its mine life, approximately 11 years. By producing metals and minerals domestically, we can secure supply chains for the innovations of today and tomorrow.