NMA Statement on Twin Metals’ Mineral Leases Withdrawal

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Mining Association released the following statement on the recent mineral leases withdrawal from Twin Metals:

“The administration’s decision to withdrawal Twin Metals’ mineral leases – long held leases that were first issued more than five decades ago – contradicts and will obstruct the realization of the goals established in its own stated jobs, economic, climate, infrastructure and supply chain agendas. Our nation’s supply chain vulnerabilities are significant and growing. Decisions such as this one will only deepen our heavy dependency on foreign sources for the minerals that we could be sourcing here at home, in accordance with the world’s top environmental and labor standards. In fact, the Twin Metals project could supply decades worth of copper, nickel, cobalt and platinum group metals. These are the same minerals needed for the clean energy transition and severe supply constraints are forecast. This decision is disappointing and foreshadows a global economic, energy, manufacturing and overarching supply chain race where the U.S. may be watching from the sidelines. ”

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