Collision Awareness System Advancement

In December 2021, Wabtec Corporation announced the successful testing of its Collision Awareness System (CAS) Vehicle Intervention Solution. When integrated with the Komatsu Machine Integration Controller (MIC), the solution passed all key performance criteria and demonstrated the ability to decelerate a haul truck under a controlled deacceleration strategy. By controlling the deceleration of Komatsu haul trucks, CAS is a major step forward in reducing risks involved with haulage vehicles.

“This initiative proves the broader communication capabilities of our GPS integration solution, which helps to optimize brake functions and mobility dynamics of a large rigid body haul truck,” said Henro Van Wyk, Wabtec Vice President and General Manager of Digital Mine. “We will now be able to expand our testing for various interaction scenarios and dynamic decelerations that are required to ensure that the intervention solution performs optimally, positioning Wabtec as the global leader in Vehicle Interaction System Solutions.”

This is the first time a Wabtec mining solution has been validated at Level 9 of the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) Defensive Controls Model for a major Original Equipment Manufacturer. Mining companies are teaming up to create safer mines and ensure each miner comes home.