NMA Statement on Sen. Barrasso’s Russian Uranium Import Ban

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rich Nolan, President and CEO of the National Mining Association, today released the following statement on Senator John Barrasso’s (R-Wyo.) legislation banning Russian uranium imports:

“Our uranium import dependence is a case study in how our vital domestic minerals supply chains have atrophied to levels that result in a dire national security risk. We are home to the world’s largest fleet of nuclear power plants, significant uranium reserves, and yet we import virtually all of the uranium we use – half of which comes from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Aggressive action must be taken to address this vulnerability and immediately reinvest in American-sourced, essential mined materials produced under world-leading environmental and labor standards. We applaud Senator Barrasso for introducing this important legislation to immediately ban the import of Russian uranium.”

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