NMA Statement on White House Use of Defense Production Act for Mineral Production

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rich Nolan, President and CEO of the National Mining Association, today released the following statement on the White House’s directive to use the Defense Production Act to support battery mineral production:

“While today’s action is limited in scope, the signal it sends to the markets and the world is clear. The minerals supply chain that will drive the electrification of our transportation sector and the energy transition is not only at risk from a perilous and growing import dependence, but the approaching minerals demand wave is set to strain every sector of the economy and requires an urgency in action from government and industry never before seen. Unless we continue to build on this action, and get serious about reshoring these supply chains and bringing new mines and mineral processing online, we risk feeding the minerals dominance of geopolitical rivals. We have abundant mineral resources here. What we need is policy to ensure we can produce them and build the secure, reliable supply chains we know we must have.”

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