Copper in Infrastructure

Our modern way of life relies on electronics, and electronics rely on copper. This versatile, conductive, ductile metal is the basis for wiring that allows our homes and businesses to flourish. Copper is showing an increase in demand for its use in energy generation, transmission infrastructure, and energy storage, and as we work to upgrade our infrastructure, we’re going to need even more copper.

Fortunately, we have vast copper resources in North America and can source this essential resource here at home. For example, Capstone Copper Corp. owns and operates  the Pinto Valley Mine in Arizona. Pinto Valley has already produced more than four billion pounds of copper and is fully permitted to operate until 2039. The mine also produces molybdenum, which is utilized in steel alloys to increase strength, hardness, and resistance to corrosion. As our need for copper increases, we can turn to copper mines like Capstone Copper’s to provide  these essential  resources, while ensuring the highest standards for protecting the environment and caring for the safety of our team who produce this vital metal.

Capstone Mining Corp. recently merged with Mantos Copper.  The merged organization, known as Capstone Copper Corp., is headquartered in Vancouver, BC and holds assets in the US, Mexico and Chile.