The Future for Copper Mining

Being the first takes a pioneering spirit, and Florence Copper’s method of mining for copper highlights innovation in-action. Florence Copper is still awaiting its final permit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, but has plans to be a large-scale, commercial mining facility in Arizona that can produce over one billion pounds of copper. In-situ copper recovery (ISCR) will set a new standard for environmental protection in copper mining, and the method has already made Florence Copper a finalist for Arizona Forward’s Environmental Excellence Awards in the Circular Economy Solutions category.

ISCR would allow Florence Copper to mine without extensive digging or blasting. The process occurs 1,200 feet below the ground and requires a solution to dissolve the copper, which is then recovered in recovery wells for processing. Florence Copper operated a Production Test Facility for 18 months to great success, which demonstrated the viability of its use in the project. In all, the future for copper mining is bright as new and innovative methods are embraced that limit the impact to the environment while maximizing the responsible use of our natural resources.