Antimony to Ammunition

The U.S. military needs to know its supplies are reliably sourced and available when needed. That’s why the Defense Logistics Agency at the U.S. Department of Defense has awarded two grants to Perpetua Resources for the study of domestic production of antimony trisulfide.

Antimony is an essential component of defense materials such as ammunition. In World War II, the site of Perpetua’s Stibnite Gold Project provided the only source of domestic antimony. The supply was so valuable that you could carry out your war service at Stibnite and the Munitions Board later credited the mine for shortening WWII by at least a year and saving the lives of a million American soldiers. Perpetua Resources is in the process of developing the historical Stibnite mining district so that it can once again aid in our country’s national defense.

Perpetua Resources will receive $200,000 in total from its two grants to evaluate whether the antimony from the Stibnite Gold Project can meet military specifications to help secure America’s defense and commercial ammunition supply chain while also evaluating alternate methods for purifying antimony trisulfide. The studies are expected to be completed within the next 6  to 12 months.

“Antimony from the Stibnite Gold Project site served our national defense needs during World War II and Perpetua is confident we can be part of the solution again,” said Laurel Sayer, President and CEO of Perpetua Resources. “We are grateful for this opportunity to work with the Department of Defense to demonstrate that our Project can develop reliable and domestically sourced antimony trisulfide for defense and commercial ammunition. It would be a great honor to support the independence of our country’s defense supply chains and the brave men and women who serve our country.”