New Supply Chains to Support America

There’s growing concern around the battery supply chain, and for good reason: the minerals that are fundamental to batteries are in astronomically growing demand with few existing domestic producers despite robust resources. That’s why efforts have been put forward to not only mine more minerals domestically, but also recycle them. Eagle Mine and Michigan Technological University are co-recipients of funding from the Biden administration to advance domestic battery recycling and reuse to strengthen the nation’s battery supply chain.

Eagle Mine and Michigan Technological University received $8.1 million, which will be used to prove new research technologies that develop sustainable processes to supply critical minerals for battery manufacturing. They also received funding to study CO2 mineralization opportunities in Eagle Mine’s tailings facility.

“Eagle Mine is proud to partner with Michigan Tech and support sustainable technologies that will create critical mineral pathways for future demand,” said Darby Stacey, Managing Director of Eagle Mine. “Eagle Mine is the only nickel mine in the United States, and the availability of our experience and use of our resources, waste streams, and nickel concentrates are essential to understanding the societal impact of the nation’s transportation needs.”