Funding Reclamation

Reclamation is a cornerstone of the mining process, restoring the lands used by mining and bringing them back to an equal or improved state once mining is complete.  But reclamation requires funding, and organizations like the Appalachian Region Independent Power Producers Association (ARIPPA) help to bring that money forward. ARIPPA partners with the Eastern and Western Pennsylvania Coalitions for Abandoned Mine Reclamation, EPCAMR and WPCAMR respectively, to offer competitive awards to watershed and conservancy organizations facilitating abandoned mine drainage (AMD) and/or abandoned mine land (AML) remediation projects in Pennsylvania. Awards are granted under the guidance and administration of EPCAMR and WPCAMR. Since 2010, ARIPPA has collectively donated $90,000 to groups working to restore legacy mine lands in Pennsylvania. According to ARIPPA, the types of remediation projects receiving awards are long-term and can cost at least $8,000 per acre. The grants are awarded to at least one eligible environmental organization or conservation district in the anthracite region and one in the bituminous region within Pennsylvania. Working to clean up mines, including legacy mines, is a priority of the industry, and grants like those awarded by ARIPPA make it possible.