Nickel in Defense

There are many metals and minerals needed for our national defense, and one of them is nickel. Nickel can be used in steel, and this has been used for armor plating in tanks and anti-aircraft firearms. In addition, nickel is used in military batteries for propulsion and storage. So while the push for nickel right now focuses on Electric Vehicles, the fact is that we need nickel in more aspects of our lives than ever before. This only drives home the reality that we need to mine domestically to secure our supply chains.

Talon Metals hopes to have its nickel mine fully operational by 2026, and that time can’t come soon enough. A shortage of nickel would hurt goals in both the transportation and defense sectors. So it’s good to hear news of new nickel mineralization discoveries coming out of Talon Metals’ Tamarick Nickel Project, in addition to exploration by Talon Metals in Michigan. By increasing our domestic supply of nickel, we can secure our sources and support our troops.