Nickel in Transportation Infrastructure

Nickel is a highly valuable resource, and it plays an important role in transportation infrastructure. Traditionally it has seen use in stainless steel applications but, today, innovations in electric vehicles are increasing our need for nickel. Fortunately, ample supplies are available here in the U.S.

Talon Metals recently announced an additional deposit of nickel at its Tamarack nickel-copper-cobalt project. “This is just one more signal that there is more nickel in America. While we have started the process of permitting an underground mine in the Tamarack Resource Area, we are committed to continuing to search for more high-grade nickel deposits in Minnesota and Michigan,” said Henri van Rooyen, CEO of Talon Metals. With rapidly growing demand for nickel, those deposits will be needed, as will a sensible permitting process to extract the resources we need under the highest labor and environmental standards.