Conveyor Maintenance Moves Forward

The keys to efficient operations are processes that maximize mining productivity with as little downtime as possible. Martin Engineering designs equipment solutions that significantly improve safety and reduce maintenance for a lower cost of operation.

Conveyors are complex networks that move large loads, but often experience carryback, spillage, and dust emissions. For example, one Martin Engineering customer conveying an average of 8.5 million tpy of raw material had so much carryback due to inadequate belt cleaning that it caused excessive unscheduled downtime. This required workers to clean structures and pivot the rail system between each shipload — sometimes several times per day — which was impossible during winter months and drastically raised operating costs. Following the installation of a Martin extra heavy-duty primary cleaner, the customer reports wash downs have been reduced to only twice yearly. Martin Engineering is constantly innovating conveyor accessories that increase safety and lower maintenance costs for greater efficiency and productivity.