Cobalt and Nickel to Support Defense

The Doe Run Company has announced a $7 million award from the Department of Defense to construct and commission a plant for cobalt and nickel products. The facility is planned to be constructed in Missouri. Cobalt and nickel are essential to national security, and sourcing materials within the U.S. is a must to meet our national security needs.

“Doe Run’s research and technology group has been working on a variety of hydrometallurgical processes for over a decade,” stated Matthew Wohl, president and CEO of Doe Run. “By partnering with the DoD, we will be able to advance our technology to a demonstration scale and prove that we can extract cobalt and nickel from current mining operations.”

“We could not be more excited about our partnership with the DoD. 100% of our workforce and production is based in the United States, and the government’s investment in our proprietary process helps support domestic manufacturing and employment, as well as U.S. energy and security independence. Once we have proven our technology at the demonstration plant, the next step would be to construct a full-scale commercial hydrometallurgical plant at one of our existing mills located in Missouri.”