• NMA Political Action Committees

NMA Political Action Committees

The National Mining Association’s (NMA) mission is to build support for public policies that will help Americans fully and responsibly benefit from our abundant domestic coal and mineral resources. Our objective is to engage in and influence the public process on the most significant and timely issues that impact mining’s ability to safely and sustainably locate, permit, mine, transport and utilize the nation’s vast resources.

To further that mission, the NMA has two Political Action Committees (PACs) – MINEPAC and COALPAC – which have been vital to our successful bipartisan outreach on Capitol Hill and across all facets of government.  We are always looking for opportunities to work with policymakers on pro-mining policies and defend against legislation designed to threaten a robust and essential domestic mining industry. November 2020 elected the tightest majorities in the House and Senate in 20 years and, with such slim margins, every member of Congress can be an essential vote on legislation important to the mining industry.

You can help advance our mission by supporting MINEPAC and COALPAC, ensuring that our industry’s voice is well represented.