EPA Short-Circuits the U.S. Power Grid

On April 25, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched a blitz of regulations targeting the nation’s fossil-fuel power plants. In the center of the EPA’s crosshairs is America’s coal fleet, which remains a workhorse source of power across the country–and the leading source of electricity... Read More

Coal’s Place in America’s Energy Equation

As the U.S. energy policy landscape continues to shift, a crucial dialogue on electricity stability is gaining momentum. Many are waking up to the reality that this administration is recklessly rushing to close well-operating coal plants in favor of renewable energy sources that have not been permitted... Read More

Mandating the Impossible

The regulatory onslaught against the reliable sources of power that support the U.S. electricity grid continues to advance. The Clean Power Plan 2.0 (CPP 2.0) is part of the Biden administration’s multi-pronged plan to shutter well-operating fossil fuel power plants well before there is anything in... Read More

Met Coal: A Critical Piece of Our Industrial Base

“Coal” might bring to mind power plants and electricity generation but metallurgical coal, often referred to as met coal, has bolstered our nation’s infrastructure and economic strength for decades and is helping build the cities and infrastructure of tomorrow. As an indispensable ingredient in steel... Read More