Embracing Uranium’s New Dawn: A Strategic Imperative for America

Our near-complete reliance on imported uranium has long been a glaring strategic vulnerability — exposing us to geopolitical risks and seriously undermining our national and energy security. It doesn’t have to be this way. I don’t use the phrase “golden opportunity” lightly, but this moment is about... Read More

Permitting Reform is the Key to a Secure Energy Future

We are entering the most mineral and metal intensive era in human history. Mining and minerals play such a critical role in sustaining our homes, roads, pipelines, essential electronics, and so much more, that we are nearly in constant contact with them in some way. It’s easy to overlook the role... Read More

Progress in Mine Permitting Means Progress for America

This year has been full of discussions pertaining to the urgent need for mine permitting reform to address growing mineral demand after decades of overreliance on foreign countries for our mineral needs. With increasing recognition of this problem and growing support for finding a solution, now is... Read More

U.S. Coal Can Support Global Energy Security

As countries deal with the effects of the energy crisis in Europe due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, skyrocketing natural gas prices and supply issues, they need affordable, reliable coal to meet their energy demands. Across Europe, allies are reopening shuttered coal plants or abandoning plans to... Read More