Met Coal: A Critical Piece of Our Industrial Base

“Coal” might bring to mind power plants and electricity generation but metallurgical coal, often referred to as met coal, has bolstered our nation’s infrastructure and economic strength for decades and is helping build the cities and infrastructure of tomorrow. As an indispensable ingredient in steel... Read More

Amid Rising Energy Cyberattacks, Coal is our Insurance Policy

Cyberattacks are of increasing concern, with cyber criminals and state actors carefully selecting vulnerable targets to maximize disruption. Increasingly, these hacking events target physical infrastructure, aiming to cut access to U.S. energy sources and utilities. There’s no doubt that attacks on energy... Read More

Build Back Better with America’s Met Mines

The U.S. is considering the biggest infrastructure investment since the construction of the Eisenhower interstate highway system. To modernize the buildings, transportation and energy systems proposed in President Biden’s $2.3 trillion plan we will need vast amounts of steel. Manufacturing that steel... Read More

U.S. Minerals: The Lynchpin of Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

U.S. minerals will make or break President Biden’s infrastructure plan. There is no question that we need both the proposed upgrades to our nation’s roads, bridges, transmission systems, and more, and the jobs those projects will create. But modernizing our country’s aging infrastructure requires bold... Read More

Invest in Carbon Removal Technology

2020 was a year of paradox. Even as our immediate world shrunk to family bubbles, we were reminded of the interconnectedness and vastness of humanity. We watched the world struggle with the same pandemic and challenges that we were facing. This global perspective is an immensely important one as we consider... Read More