Permitting Reform is the Key to a Secure Energy Future

We are entering the most mineral and metal intensive era in human history. Mining and minerals play such a critical role in sustaining our homes, roads, pipelines, essential electronics, and so much more, that we are nearly in constant contact with them in some way. It’s easy to overlook the role... Read More

A Reliable Grid Needs Coal 

The last several years have seen energy crises across Europe, grid warnings in the U.S., and soaring electricity prices everywhere. Here at home, grid operators and regulators have warned for years about their concerns over the pace of our energy transition and what it means for the ability to deliver... Read More

Mining: The Backbone of the Economy 

Your friend. Your neighbor. Maybe even your spouse. Everyone in this country knows someone who works in a mining-supported industry. And that's because, simply put, mining is the backbone of the American economy.  The mining industry provides hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs. Companies... Read More

Mining for Every Season

Mining was in the forefront of just about every policy discussion in 2022. To those in our industry, this doesn’t come as a surprise. The cornerstone of our economy, domestic mining secures supply chains, enhances national security, enables the technologies of the future, and keeps the lights on in our... Read More

Progress in Mine Permitting Means Progress for America

This year has been full of discussions pertaining to the urgent need for mine permitting reform to address growing mineral demand after decades of overreliance on foreign countries for our mineral needs. With increasing recognition of this problem and growing support for finding a solution, now is... Read More